Monday, September 27, 2010

The Future of the "Mental Ward" Album...

                                                      "The Mental Ward"

A lot of people lately have been trying to dig for facts on exactly what's going on with the "Mental Ward" album, and I figure it's due time that you fans deserve to know.

Right now, as I write this, the album is completely finished being recorded; so everyone can now rest easy about it not nearing completion.  It's a total of 10 (of the best) tracks, filled with energy, aggression, depression and angst.  Essentially, this album is the perfect Basick experience, which shows all the sides people love, and expands and raises the bar on all of them.

While the track listing isn't final, and these titles are in no specific order (Trust me, they're changing around), you can at least tell from the following list that this is a very serious, dark, and struggle-toned album:

1- "The Mental Ward" Ft. Liquid Assassin
2- "Die"
3- "Never See Me Fail" Ft. Max of Nihm
4- "Hell's Heavenly Lullaby"
5- "Dead To Me"
6- "Guns"
7- "Our Fault"
8- "Like Me"
9- "Own Two Feet"
10- "When I'm Gone"

Please keep in mind, this is not a final or official track listing, and is very subject to change.
See it more so as a preview of the possibilities; A gateway per say, of what to expect.

The rumors of a possible label signing, and the price of the album, will not be released at this time, But if you have any other questions, regarding the actual state of the album tracks, or the album itself, Please, feel free to comment the blog and I will happily respond!

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  1. I wanna hear the song "Dead To Me" for some reason. Just like the title. This post has me excited and anxious as ever to hear the new album.

  2. I dunno about this... I'd have to wait and hear the final product first to judge.

  3. best of luck! just make the music and the fans will come

  4. I can't wait for the song releases! when are you going to release any songs? im definitely checking up on this

  5. hell yeah, agression is where its at, cant wait to hear ur cd

  6. Hey everyone, thanks for the interest!
    East Sexton, Never See Me Fail's hook is actually sang by a metal vocal, Max of Nihm!

    And there are links in my post to my music,
    Specifically my youtube page! (At the bottom!)